Reality Gourmand

5/3 "Royal" Icing

As the world news has made abundantly clear to any human being with access to media coverage, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis has married his Princess. As an avid Anglophile, I was buzzing with excitement over the upcoming nuptials. I first learned of Kate Middleton during my studies abroad in Canterbury. Her named was just popping up as Will's new girlfriend and was the winner of a Channel 4 reality show wherein the population of Britain was to vote on who they believed William should choose as his partner. That was years and years ago, and what do you know? She truly is the winner of not just the Prince's heart, but also seemingly of England as a whole.

To celebrate, our department at work threw a royal wedding tea party and I was charged with bringing biscuits. Biscuits are what the British call cookies and I was more than happy to do my part. I brought the ever famous and eponymous Mcvities Digestives, along with some hand decorated sugar cookies. I have to confess that the cookies themselves are Pillsbury, but the icing is handmade using i am baker's recipe. The trick to these cookies is a stiffer icing and a steady hand.

We had a lovely time celebrating, and a few of us may or may not have teared up throughout the ceremony.

Did anyone else do anything special for the most celebrated couple of our time? Anyone set their alarms extra early to watch the proceedings live? That is certainly something only a, crazy person would do ;)