Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3 Years Baby!

 Taken from the fire escape of the first studio apartment we shared in Los Feliz.

This week is my official 3 year anniversary living in the city of Los Angeles! Not much has changed and so much has changed. Below are a few firsts that happened during our, you guessed it, first year living in Hell ahem, L.A.

First attempt at decorating the living area of our studio. Wow I thought I was doing big things. But look, we had 1 Room! It had to function as both a living space and a sleeping space and I was doing the best I could. Alright? That satisfy you? Sorry for getting so defensive there for a minute...whew...out of my system. Much of that darling miniature Ikea furniture has moved with us to our one bedroom apartment, but hopefully won't be with us much longer...

First fancy night out. We were celebrating Jeff's birthday and had dinner at the ultra luxe and now defunct Table 8. It was fabulous and Hollywood and all of those great things I had dreamed of a night out in L.A. being.

First DIY "art." Alright, it was a cool stamp and a cheap canvas and I really really loved it. It's so hip in it's two tonedness...right? Edgy, cool, oh yeah, all of that stuff.

First birthday celebrated at my old "new" job. I'd been there just over a month and my coworkers went all out and had balloons and bought me a cake! This was not just any cake either, it was a Triple Berry Shortcake from Olsen twins co-owned Sweet Lady Jane. If you know me and my love of the Olsen's you can believe how excited I was!

Though this didn't happen in the first year we lived here, this is my first attempt at decorating our first bedroom in our first one bedroom apartment. I've changed things up since then, but we're about to change them up a ton more. My brother is moving in with us to begin his post-college "oh my gosh it's time to enter the real world what have I gotten myself into" stage and Jeff and I are happy to help a brotha out. I can't wait to show you our new pad...just have to find it first...

Knock on wood for us!



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  2. Its been a fun 3 years startin out and figurin it out and i love the new background!