Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Oldest Best Friend's New Space Part Trios

The bathroom. Where all the things not so magic happen. Once again I whipped up 4 different mood boards to show Jess and here they are. Drumroll please...

So, our Moroccan theme is clearly in play with this one...but Jessica deemed it too colorful. shoot.

No Moroccan, but Jess loves purple. This one was "too white." Strike 2

I flippin' love the bathmat here, but it's also "too white." Can't win 'em all.

My favorite here. I lovvvve gray and yellow together. Jessica's verdict, "I like 4 a lot, but something seems off to me, or like it's not quite right." I'll admit, I agree. 

Consensus: She hates them all. 

She wants color, but not too much, and a shower curtain with a print. Back to the drawing board for me!

A note about my experience web-decorating...
I love this! I really do! It's been wonderful getting creative and pulling ideas from nowhere and seeing where I can take them. I love the collaborative process, getting Jessica's perspective and seeing how and where I can blend it with my own. I have a second "client" in the works, too! My friend, Kyle, and his roommate are redecorating their living room and I've been recruited/volunteered to take it on. Oh man, two guys... Let's hope I can make this creative three-way jive. (sorry, that was a little dirty. I'm very embarrassed.)



  1. I don't hate any of them. They're just not quite right yet. I'm sure we'll get there though!

  2. Holy crap! I asked you about that in JUNE? Nelson and I are definitely shampooing the carpets and re-painting the walls, but the rest needs your input. We shall discuss.