Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Oldest Best Friend's New Space Part Deux

So Jessica and I are taking a breather from her living room and moving on to the bedroom. She wanted a Woman's bedroom. Adult, sophisticated, elegant. I started with a Moroccan/Indian theme and went all out. It's always easier GO BIG and then reign in (I have found that this approach is the opposite when cooking. ha!) Below are the four different schemes we came up with, the last being the favorite and by far the most subtle.

Option 1: Very Moroccan, very colorful. Too colorful for my Jess.

Option 2: We've toned down the pattern quite a bit, but it's still a bit too... much. On to Option 3

Option 3: Elegant, Glamorous, now we're on track. We've lost our Moroccan mojo quite a bit and the only element that speaks to this theme is the capiz chandelier.

Option 4: Our Winner. Jessica loves the serenity and the lightness that this combo offers. We're still nodding to our original theme with the fun seagrass mirror and the Indian inspired side table, this is just a much more grown up version of what we started with. Pulling back really was the right choice here. Not to say that this is "it," but it's a fantastic starting point.

We'll be tackling the bathroom next before revisiting the living room and bedroom. I figure it's always a good idea to let things marinate (this approach is spot on when cooking.) See how I brought things full circle here ha ha ho ho ha, I'm good.



  1. wow these sure are beautiful. you should be famous!

  2. I love that you're doing this! And I really love option #4.

  3. Can I get option 4 for my room? It's gorgeous! Girl, you have a gift!