Wednesday, August 4, 2010


One thing our apartment is suffering from is a lack of rugs. Hardwood floors are great, but rugs get the job done when it comes to warming a room up. I've been searching and searching (and searching and searching and searching) for the perfect rugs for our space. Ones that will not only look great, but are in an affordable price range. These criteria bring me to West Elm. We love West Elm. Our overlapping squares daybed/couch is my favorite piece of furniture in our home and hails from West Elm. Also, and most importantly, there is a brick and mortar store close by! Gotta love westside living.

For our living area, we'll need a big guy (8'x10'). I am leaning toward the Andalusia rug because of the color and it's graphic nature. (Graphic nature has the potential to sound very naughty.)
I do, however, worry about the pattern clashing with our menagerie of patterned pillows covering the daybed. Switching out the pillows is a relatively cheap and easy thing to do. It will be a LARGE rug and will most likely become the focal point of the living area.

We'll also need a rug to slide under the (not yet purchased) dining room table. I know for certain that I want a white round table that seats four but can expand to seat six. We'll also be hanging shelves to display my ever-growing jadeite collection (thanks, sis!) I was thinking, and tell me if I'm crazy here, possibly an animal print? I know, I KNOW! I am NOT an animal print kind of girl, but check out the subtle gray "zebra" stripes on this beauty.

Is it too much? It will be a smaller size at 5'x8'.  If popular opinion points to nay, I would happily place a more subtle jute option under the simple white table.

If I was feeling really crazy, maybe a white shag rug? No? I don't know, probably not the best option under a dining table, but it could lend a really pretty light and airy effect.

No? This one is crazy, right?

Please please please give me your opinions. I know decorating your home is a very personal project, but we could all use an unbiased eye every once in a while. If you see rugs elsewhere that you think may be perfect, please pass those along too!

All the best and happy bagel Wednesday,

*All images courtesy of West Elm.


  1. I actually really like the 1st one! :)

  2. i like the zebra one :) im doing grey zebra hits in our master bedroom eventually soo i am drawn to that one :)