Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Do Actually Have Rugs...

...sorry about the last post. I was writing from a hotel lobby and unbeknownst to me, the Internet timed out and everything written was erased.

On to the rug story...

Ok, so we bought rugs! We did not, however, buy any of the rugs I wrote about last time. The week before last I received a 10% off coupon to West Elm along with a new catalogue. This told me it was fate that I buy rugs over the weekend which I was not by any means unwilling to do. Before setting off for the bricks and mortar store on 4th Street in Santa Monica, I made a phone call to see if the rugs Jeff and I agreed upon we in stock. Yep, they had the 8'x10' Jute Diamond Rug, but sadly they did not have the 5'x8' Andalusia rug I'm still so crazy about. I was told that the Horizon (yellow) color is only sold online, and not until September 20th(!). Eh, well...we'll at least have one rug down and only one to go. With that, we were off!

We made it to Santa Monica and had no trouble finding a parking space. The day was already a WIN! We explored the Promenade, as Tim had never been, and even checked out the newly opened Santa Monica Place. We dined, and browsed, and weaved our way in and out of outrageous people traffic, but then it was time. OH YES, IT WAS TIME. I must admit, I had a pit in the bottom of my stomach that things would turn out terribly and they very nearly did. I made a beeline for the rug section to see what, if anything, would work in place of the dreamy Andalusia rug and was momentarily heart-sunken. The Beaded Diamond Dhurrie, however, caught Jeff's eye. It didn't take much to sway me at this point. I mean, it is a nice color all light blue and stone grey. And I mean, it is graphic in nature...and HOLD ON, is that a 'sale' sign next to it??? I pulled up the rug page on the browser on my phone and looked at the sale price, eh, not bad.

We went to the counter to claim the Jute Diamond on hold and to ask about getting the Dhurrie in a 5'x8'.

"Oh, sorry. We don't have it in a 5'x8' and we can't find the 8'x10' Jute Diamond either."

"I'm sorry, I was told that it was here waiting for me and the Dhurrie hanging on the wall looks like a 5'x8' to me."

"Oh well, let me have them look again and you don't want the rug hanging up, the top will be all screwed up from the clamps."

"Well, can't we just take a look?"

*evil glare from the unhelpful salesgirl* "Yeah, let me find someone to take it down for you."

"Great! Thanks so much!" *spiteful smile :) *

They took the rug down and it was perfection.

"Oh wonderful!" I say, "And we should get a 10% discount for it being a floor sample, right?"

"Oh, I asked my manager and she said you don't because there haven't been any feet on it."

When would you have asked your manager??? You've been standing here with me the WHOLE time! Whatever, I'll keep my mouth shut.

We go up to the register to check out and a different, much MORE helpful salesperson checks me out.

"Oh hey, they found your rug in back AND you'll get the 5'x8' for 10% off because it's a floor sample!"

Hallelujah! Not only did the Dhurrie ring up for less than the sales price online, but the deal was then that much sweeter with the 10% discount for it being a floor sample on top of my 10% coupon. We now have two beautiful rugs that combined cost less than all the other 8'x10's I've seen.

Photo time:

8'x10' West Elm Jute Diamond Rug

We still have a lot of work to do on the living area, but I think we have certainly a fun jumping off point!

Detail Shot

And on to the dining area. I have another AMAZING project to post about coming up for the living area, so the following picture was taken not to give any of that away.

5'x8' West Elm Beaded Diamond Dhurrie
So there we have it! The two new additions to the townhouse hoping to make it feel more like a home. There are now diamonds covering every floor in the house, including our black and white tile work in both the kitchen and bathrooms, haha! I still have my eye on the Andalusian beauty and maybe one day we'll be brought in 6 months to a year when she makes her way to the sale section ;)

Peace, love, and rugs!


  1. yes! we did very well despite that racist salesgirl who drives drunk.

  2. great choices. west elm is one of my favorite stores ~ they have good everything :)

  3. I really like the Beaded Diamond Dhurrie, so much so it would almost be worth you guys not getting a dining room table just so we can stand around (on it) and enjoy it. You have so much more floor space now you can just keep buying rugs all the time. Woot! Rugs!