Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A few months back my darling boyfriend, Jeffrey, was kind enough to take on the monumental task of hanging floating shelves. I've wanted floating shelves for a couple of years now and have to give 100% credit for my lemming to the shelves hanging in John and Sherry's dining area over at YHL. I am a bit of a stress case, so I went to bed while the bf stayed up hammering away. I know he used a level, an anchoring screw thing, a ruler and a stud finder while hanging. Unfortunately, due to my state of REM I can't give you any more details than that.

Jeff did a wonderful job and I won't ever stop praising him.

Detailed shot of my growing jadeite collection, I can. not. get enough!

I'm no pro when it comes to arrangements, I just moved things around until I liked the way everything looked. Any constructive criticism is much appreciated!

Wait a minute here, what's missing? OH RIGHT! A dining table! Well, we still don't have one of those...whoops! We're working on it. Promise.

Anyone else have a room left incomplete by a missing major piece of furniture?


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  1. I lived here for 7 months before I got a dining table--given to me by my aunt on the other side of the family. The wood is incredibly messed up, but that's what tablecloths are for, right?