Monday, October 18, 2010

à moitié la salle de bains

("half bath" in French, one of Morroco's national languages)

We moved into our new apartment months ago. I've wanted to have a cheery, welcoming half bath for our guests to use since day one. Well, I had some time off recently and made the trek all the way across the city to Glendale. If you live in L.A. you know that the 22 miles separating my little Santa Monica townhouse from the home goods mecca Home Goods (hehe) can take an easy hour and a half.

Totally worth it!

I came home with under $15 worth of items that have totally transformed our itty bitty half bath.

First up is this adorable hand soap and lotion set on clearance for $3.99! I saw, then smelled this beautifully packaged almond ginger set and knew I'd hit the jackpot. My Moroccan themed half bath idea was ignited.

This little hand towel with the gold string and ball theme was also on clearance for $3.99. How perfect and polished is that?! I only needed a solid accent color to tie everything in. Enter the coral Ralph Lauren bath towel for a cool $5.99.

Jeff said, "It's pink." "No babe, it's coral." The color is a bit off in the photos, but it really is a beautiful vibrant true coral color.

Our cheapie, previously purchased Ikea rug works oh so wonderfully with the other accessories. It really feels like a finished room, probably the first one in the whole house to be honest...

...almost. I want to add a candle, for obvious reasons, and am searching for a really great textile print to replace the flower in the frame. If you know of one, please clue me in!

I'm quite pleased with my little half bath and even more pleased knowing it was done on an uber thrifty budget :)



  1. Try World Market for a Moroccan-inspired scarf or placemat to put in the frame or on the wall. Love it :)

  2. Oooh great suggestion! I did a little DIY "art" this weekend for the bathroom, but don't love it. I'll post about it this week. Please don't be shy with feedback!

    Love ya, cuz!

  3. It looks a little pink to me but I still like our bright colored bathroom. You should post one about our terrifying new Halloween section of fear!

  4. Oh yeah, section of fear indeed. Ha!