Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New TV Stand

A beautiful Saturday afternoon – I find myself at my favorite thrift store with no intentions to purchase.  Yeah right!  I cannot go to this store without finding a great piece of furniture.  I saw this beauty (pictured below) and had to sit down and think – Do I really need this?  I snapped a photo on my iphone and sent it to AJ my fellow blogger, for her approval.  She called it a “tv-stand-off” She’s clearly the writer in this duo.  Needless to say, I bought it and turned it into my tv stand.  Follow the journey from beast to beauty.
Photo taken from my iphone while still in store

Ready to start the transformation.  Sylar feels that he needs to inspect all new projects.

Before - up close

First coat
First coat - take 2

First coat - take 3

After the first base coat was applied, I was ready to start the de-stressing

Effects of the de-stressing

After I was satisfied with the de-stressing, I put a nice-heavy coat of polyurethane to seal in the paint.
24 hours later - I had a brand new tv stand that I love!

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