Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kitchen Make-over

Having my new TV Stand finished and up for display inspired me to de-clutter my Kitchen area.  In all honesty - it had no flow, whatsoever. So, first things first - I took everything out of the space and cleaned my floors.  Then one by one I started to put back the pieces like a puzzle.  Moving things here, moving them there until I felt that "zen" feeling.  My kitchen table use to be pushed up against the wall and frankly  un-usable.  It was more of a clutter holder than anything else. See Photo below.
Table where it use to be - pushed against the wall. 

Photo of from before the make over
After - Table is usable (sitting on it as I blog) and on the left you'll see my bar stools FINALLY in use.  This space has really became an area to hang out in.

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