Monday, April 11, 2011

Well, I Live by the Ocean So...

I thought I'd go nautical for the day.

*Warning* Blinding stripes ahead.

One reason for the seemingly vanity gorged outfit of the day posts is so that my dear boyfriend can see that I wear actual clothes during the day. You see, Jeff wakes up really early and is out the door before I'm even out of the shower most mornings. This, my friends, is the benefit of living 1/4 mile from work. I'm also the first one home and, like some, start stripping the moment I set foot in my house. By the time Jeff rolls in I'm just as he saw me last, in a giant t-shirt and yoga pants. I also spend most weekends similarly dressed, as unfortunate as that is, ha! So, to Jeff, "Look babe! All dressed!"

  • Top - J.Crew
  • Jeans - Club Monaco
  • Belt - Gap
  • Shoes - Banana Republic
  • Sunglasses - lonely gas station on I-35 between Austin and Dallas.