Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Old Chair, New Chair

So, about a year ago I took on my first real big (for me) DIY project. Refurnishing an old chair. Exciting I know (cue the trumpets). I'm somewhat addicted to Young House Love and they are fantastic as inspiring and motivating newbie DIY'ers with fun simple projects.

I found this sexy beast of a chair at my local Goodwill (Hollywood and Vermontish)

It was old, smelly, and DUSTY. My loving and understanding and very strong boyfriend helped me haul her the 3 long blocks to our
apartment where I promptly set about cleaning this beauty right up. She was washed, sanded, painted and came out looking pretty fab, if I do say so myself.

It was trouble finding just the perfect material to use for the seat, but I settled on this ropey nautical outdoor fabric, which just so happens to match a cute little white lamp sitting atop my desk.

I can't tell you how embarrassingly proud of myself I was for starting then completing this quick little redo in a timely manner. Too proud, much much too proud. Still feelings of self satisfaction...embarrassing, i told ya!


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