Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Artsy Smartsy

I recently purchased my first piece of real art. Big deal, I know. My walls are, for the most part, decorated in DIY projects or "fake art," if you will. I thought it may be time to branch out a bit. Luckily for me, I didn't have to branch far. My first cousin once removed or my second cousin or my mom's cousin's son, whatever he is, Dylan Murphy is becoming a respected talent in the student photography world. I'm pretty sure he'll soon get very famous and I won't be able to afford a print of his in a million years, so I'm glad I snatched one up when I did. My print is moody and dark, but lovely with all the bokeh.

Isn't the bokeh beautiful? It's like looking out of a window on a rainy day into your enchanting English meadow and seeing your beau staring back at you. Or looking out of a window on a rainy night and seeing a menacing character in a flash of lightning. Either way, I love this print.

I found the frame (after searching for just the perfect one for months) at Home Goods. It was originally cream and blue striped, but I loved the proportions and the heaviness of the wood. It seriously is the frame of my dreams, I just needed to paint it white. Two coats later and voila!

Here's where it lives above my desk!

Below is a link to Dylan's etsy shop and website. Let me know if you make a purchase!



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  1. I really like that photo and frame. Where have you put it in the new place?