Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vacation Inspiration: Coastal California

So, a month ago my lovely friend Jessica came to visit and we took our first coastal vacation. We drove from LA up Hwy 1 to Monterey. Along the way I snapped a few pics of items that I found particularly inspirational for use in decorating.

Our first stop was just south of San Luis Obispo in Avila Beach. We came upon the most awesome farmer's market/petting zoo. We had the best chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter banana split ever and made friends with a ...unique child named Noel ("You guys wanna hear an ancient Greek myth about peacocks?") Well, turns out, we did. Peacock feathers amaze me. The vibrancy of the color, the pattern. How can you look at a peacock and not know there's a God? I have always thought how fun a peacock feather colored wedding would be. For my wedding? No. But for the right person, Gorgeous.

We also toured Hearst Castle, and that's where the majority of the photos come from. It was grand. I'm an army brat who was stationed in Germany in my childhood, so I've seen castles...but this was...something else. It was hard to take everything in, but I tried my hardest to really pinpoint the details that were especially beautiful. Below are photos of some of the tile found throughout the grounds. They all have a modern geometric thing going on, which I've discovered, I gravitate towards. I'll post pics of my apartment soon, so you'll see.

Hearst Castle was home to some amazing gardens and I found a tree I particularly liked with the cutest, most perfect, most stunning flowers ever. These flowers are Pleasantville sweetness personified. (That doesn't really make sense, but go with me here)

How lovely is this flower?!

Jessica and I traveled up the winding, magnificent, edge-of-the-world-dear-God-please-don't-let-us-die highway to Carmel, CA. Ah, Carmel, you still have my heart. We stayed at the Fireplace Inn, because get this, your room has a fireplace. there. in the room! I'll let you get over the excitement. The rooms were tastefully decorated in a relaxed nautical theme with beadboard paneling. But the best part, the BEST PART was the bed spread! I have never seen such elegance. Such modern flair...



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