Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pizza Night!

In keeping with my resolution to develop a relationship with my kitchen, I busted out my baking skills and made a homemade pizza. I've made a few before, so this wasn't something altogether new for me. I use Fleischmann's Pizza Yeast for the crust, a can of Hunt's tomato sauce and a can of Ralph's brand tomato paste along with basil, parsley, garlic powder and sugar for the sauce, a blend of cheeses, and whatever toppings I have on hand. In this case I used a fresh tomato and Trader Joe's frozen bell pepper blend.

I...am...not the most tidy person. Any cooking project involving flour, cheese, any loose ingredient really will end up on my clothes, on the floor and in my hair. The above picture was taken midway through the pizza making process.

Here's my pizza pie ready to hit the oven. Please note my untidiness reflected in the mangled, uneven, not-quite-a-shape form my pizza has taken on. I can assure you, this pizza tastes better than it looks.

A Pizza Haiku:

Fresh from the oven,
Bubbly cheese perfection.
Golden and crispy.

Ok, so it only works if you pronounce Bubbly, "bubble-y."

Confession time. So for this picture I only have two slices on the plate. I may or may not have added a few more after the fact. I made the salad with Trader Joe's Spring Mix and the leftover tomato, then doused it with Olive Garden Italian dressing...of course. Any dinner ideas you'd like to pass along? Suggestions are MUCH appreciated!


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