Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Best Desked

A woman's desk is a very personal space. It's where work gets (or doesn't get) done. It's where we keep some of our most personal mementos, the things that make us smile. My desk at work reflects this. My desk at home...not so much. But it's still a pretty little space that my eyes go to and smile.

I got this West Elm desk in a desk swap with a good friend. She needed a huge desk for her sound equipment, and I wanted something a little daintier. It didn't hurt that I have an obsession with white furniture. I slid my old DIY makeover old chair new chair under along with a cheap Ikea floor mat.

I added a few pretty vases and hung up a couple of etsy prints. The first documented here, the second an etsy find by Simply Hue Designs.

I adore the colors and the symmetry of this print. It also makes me think of packing up and jetting off on some fabulous vacation (a girl can dream). The photo in the silver frame below the hanging picture is one of my brother, sister, and I. This picture was taken by a good friend of the family and I cherish it not only because she took it, but because we so rarely get the chance to all be together. This year's Christmas will be one of those occasions and I'm so pumped! My mom, dad, and sister will all fly to Los Angeles on Christmas Day to spend time with Tim and me. I've been brainstorming all sorts of holiday decor ideas. I really want to make this year special. It's the first Christmas we'll be hosting in our beloved apartment and I want to make it feel as homey and cushy and warm and squooshy as possible.

future Christmas Card processing station.
 So there's my tiny (and not totally tidy) "home office."

 *Also big news, we bought a dining table and chairs last night!! This has been one HUGE To Do on my list that now has a giant red checkmark through it! Admittedly, it needs a little work and I'll be posting the before and afters as soon as I can get to down to business on it.

Happy Writing,


  1. Cute little niche! I love that luggage print. Would you send me your address (in an e-mail or a facebook message) so I can add you to my Christmas Card list?

  2. What a cute little area! And I love the suitcase picture.

    Also, you need to get pictures up of your dining area while it's all Christmasy :)